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Billing, Claims Submission and Payment Reconciliation

Preparing claims, posting payments, and reconciling accounts represents the core of what we do.

Billing and Reconciliation for PT, OT, and SLP Clinics

When the treatment is over and the charges have been entered, it’s time to package them all together and submit them to a clearinghouse. You won’t have to wait until your office manager finds a bit of downtime to submit the charges–we’re electronically submitting charges for you daily. We also provide reconciliation services and ensure that your bank statements match the payments we’ve entered and your accounts stay neat and tidy.

In addition, we’re able to distribute patient statements and invoices for any client portions owed. Our personalized approach to medical billing means that we’ll work with you to determine your specific needs and tailor our services to your clinic. Whether it’s a client’s co-pay or you’re a cash-based clinic, we’ll handle this side of the business so you can focus on doing what you do best–taking care of your patients.

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