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Other Services

Additional services include credentialing and insurance verification.

Patient Data Entry

Collecting patient data and verifying their insurance information can be a significant task regardless of the size of your practice. It helps to have a team that’s familiar with the many requirements of a client profile, because a complete and accurate patient record is the first step to ensuring timely reimbursement for your services.

Insurance Verification

It takes time to connect with an insurance provider, be it Medicare, Medicaid, or a private insurance company, and confirm a patient’s insurance policy. Whether they’re covered for a certain number of units, visits or a dollar amount, you’ll be able to count down their coverage as you schedule visits and perform treatments. This helps avoid situations where the primary or secondary payors refuse to reimburse you for services rendered and you're left with one of two choices; collect the payment directly from the client, or write it off. But if you had to go with the first option, having a billing company on your side helps to mitigate any uncomfortable conversations between you and your patients.

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