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From Claims to Collections

We provide end-to-end medical billing services for healthcare clinics. We specialize in Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Mental Health disciplines.

Why Medical Billing

Why You Need a Medical Billing Service


Protect Your Cash Flow

What happens if you arrive at the office on Monday morning, and your all-in-one Office Manager / Receptionist / Biller is nowhere to be found? And worst of all, they took all of their billing processes and secrets with them. Do you know enough to keep the cash flow going?

Working with Clinical Billing Solutions provides you with redundancy. Continuity of knowledge and collections is guaranteed.

Maximize Your Reimbursements with
Our Team of Billing Experts

Why rely on a billing person, when you can have a whole billing team? Far too often, we meet clinic owners who are relying on a single person to handle all of their medical billing needs. It’s one of the many tasks for which they are responsible, and when that happens, they won’t take the time to thoroughly audit charges or follow-up with patients and payors about outstanding claims.


Medical Billing is OUR Full-time Job

Let’s face it; keeping current with the latest coding procedures for Medicare, Medicaid, commercial payor, work comp and other payers as well as making collections phone calls are the last thing your busy clinic staff wants to do. Instead of adding these tasks to their ever-growing list of responsibilities, you’re better off hiring a billing company who will assign a dedicated team to your clinic whose sole responsibility is to improve your bottom line. Stop leaving money in the hands of the insurance companies.

What We Do

What We Do

Why Us

Why Clinical Billing Solutions


20+ Years of Medical Billing Experience

The team at Clinical Billing Solutions has more than 20 years of medical billing experience. We’ve witnessed all of the changes to the outpatient rehabilitation industry first hand, and continue to adapt to meet the growing needs of our clients both through technique and by leveraging the latest technology.




Clinical Billing Solutions, Inc. (formerly known as Clinical Practice Management) began in 1998 by a group of Physical Therapists to meet their needs of accurate and timely claims processing and collections.


Over the years we have grown to allow other physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy, and mental health practices to use our services.


Members of our management staff proudly sit on the advisory board for UEI College, specializing in billing, coding, claims and collections.


We’ve helped dozens of clinics overhaul their revenue cycle management processes. Hear what they have to say

Part of My Company's Sustained Competitive Advantage...


"CBS has brought a level of competence to our billing that I have been trying to achieve since opening my clinic 8 years ago. CBS is easy to work with and they have a mastery of the Practice Perfect software that is unmatched. Having them as part of our team, has allowed me to concentrate on creating the best physical therapy experience possible for our patients and not worrying about the complicated intricacies of billing. CBS has become part of my company’s sustained competitive advantage."

Kirk Conway, DPT - KConway Physical Therapy

Get In Touch

Get In Touch

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